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Server 2012 R2 Install

Microsoft has made installing their Server operating system even easier with their latest server release. I wanted to make a guide on how to install it from start to finish. That way I can reference this page when helping colleagues when they run into issues or when having them do special tasks that require them to be on certain step. I’ll know where they are in the setup process and can guide them accurately without throwing up a YouTube video every time.

More importantly, it will help segway into a few other guides I have wanted to do.

Let’s get started.

First we need to boot up to the ISO. This can be done a number ways and are linked below:

iDrac6, iDrac7, or iDrac8
Using the DVD Drive
PXE Boot to the image

Anyway, once the image is loaded you will be need to select your install language and other options.

Press Next and click Install Now

Choose what version of Server 2012 R2 you would like to install. Here I have chosen Standard with a GUI
NOTE: Server 2012 is the first Windows OS that can switch between Core and GUI once the install is complete.

Press Next

Accept the license terms and press Next

Run a custom install to install a fresh version of Windows

The next screen can be used to load drivers for a mass storage device such as a PERC for dell systems or you can setup the partitions for the install. For demonstration purposes I will install the operating system on the entire volume listed.

Here is where I run into the most issues with drivers and seeing storage. Please note that you can use the command SHIFT + F10 to bring up Command Prompt to troubleshoot using DISKPART.

Windows will begin installing

Choose your local administrator password and press Finish

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