Mounting ISO in iDrac8

With the Enterprise Licence installed on the iDrac8 you have the option to mount ISOs and boot to them during POST.

This is a terrific feature for those of you who want to remotely administer your machines – completely hands free. That’s right, throw your new systems in a lights out datacenter and kiss burning media goodbye!

Let’s start out this guide on the iDrac WebGUI interface.
Note 1: Your bootable ISO should already be download and on your desktop
Note 2: The server I am working on is powered off

Click Launch to open the Remote Console

iDrac8_Mounting_Virtual_Drive 1

On the Remote Console window, click Virtual Media and Connect Virtual Media

iDrac8_Mounting_Virtual_Drive 2

Click back onto Virtual Media and click Map CD/DVD

iDrac8_Mounting_Virtual_Drive 3

Point to your ISO and press Open

iDrac8_Mounting_Virtual_Drive 4

Press Map Device on the Virtual Media window

iDrac8_Mounting_Virtual_Drive 5

You can see that your ISO is mounted by pressing Virtual Media – Note the “Check”

iDrac8_Mounting_Virtual_Drive 6

Power on your system from the Power drop down menu

iDrac8_Mounting_Virtual_Drive 7

Press F11 to enter the BIOS Boot Manager

iDrac8_Mounting_Virtual_Drive 8

Select One-shot UEFI Boot Menu

iDrac8_Mounting_Virtual_Drive 9

Use the arrow keys to navigate to the Virtual Optical Drive and press Enter

iDrac8_Mounting_Virtual_Drive 10

Your ISO should begin loading.

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