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Mounting ISO in iDrac8

With the Enterprise Licence installed on the iDrac8 you have the option to mount ISOs and boot to them during POST.

This is a terrific feature for those of you who want to remotely administer your machines – completely hands free. That’s right, throw your new systems in a lights out datacenter and kiss burning media goodbye!

Let’s start out this guide on the iDrac WebGUI interface.
Note 1: Your bootable ISO should already be download and on your desktop
Note 2: The server I am working on is powered off

Click Launch to open the Remote Console

On the Remote Console window, click Virtual Media and Connect Virtual Media

Click back onto Virtual Media and click Map CD/DVD

Point to your ISO and press Open

Press Map Device on the Virtual Media window

You can see that your ISO is mounted by pressing Virtual Media – Note the “Check”

Power on your system from the Power drop down menu

Press F11 to enter the BIOS Boot Manager

Select One-shot UEFI Boot Menu

Use the arrow keys to navigate to the Virtual Optical Drive and press Enter

Your ISO should begin loading.

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