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The Painless Way to Ditch Your Old Windows XP for a More Secure Linux

crtechtipsNov 23, 20117 min read

Windows XP just isn’t secure anymore! If the expense of the new Windows operating systems is too great, here’s an easy and painless way to get a completely free Linux, keep your old Windows XP installation, and start surfing securely.…

Sending secure anonymous E-mails

crtechtipsNov 23, 20112 min read

use this site: http://mabsoft.com/sendanonymousemails/emailspoofing.php Very Cool 🙂  !!!!!!!! Sending secure anonymous E-mails This is an email client that lets you send anonymous emails from any email address to any email address. All you need is to be online, you don’t…

View DELL Service Tag and Express Service Code From Linux and Windows

crtechtipsNov 23, 20112 min read

When you call DELL customer support for any help, they will ask for either Service Tag or Express Service Code. You also need service tag to download drivers and documentations from DELL support website. When you have physical access to…

How the Network Access Layer Works

crtechtipsNov 23, 20115 min read

The Network Access Layer it is the layer responsible for interfacing with your network’s architecture- something the everyday user can’t see. As we can’t physically interact with the Network Access Layer, how it works often eludes networking students. If you…

How Encapsulation works within the TCP/IP Model

crtechtipsNov 23, 20115 min read

In the previous section we reviewed the TCP/IP and OSI model. For the sake of clarity, we will be using the TCP/IP model to demonstrate encapsulation, as compared to the OSI model. If you are still struggling with grasping concepts…