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Sending secure anonymous E-mails

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Sending secure anonymous E-mails

This is an email client that lets you send anonymous emails from any email address to any email address. All you need is to be online, you don’t need to have an email account. You can instantly send out emails that appear to arrive from any email address or name you want. You don’t need to find a working SMTP server anymore!

There are moments when you need to send an anonymous e-mail for the simple fact that you don’t want that particular person to reach your address or because you don’t want people to know you have sent that e-mail. Another common situation is the one in which people use your e-mail address to do illegal things and, due to the fact that we are talking about your e-mail adress you can be arrested. This is way, sending anonymous e-mail is sometimes beneficial.

Using this method, you can hide ID information or anything elated to yourself (your identity). There is a certain type of utility which allows you to send anonymous e-mail (also included in NetTools). It is generally easy to use, but a working SMTP must be given.

You should know that the person who receives the e-mail cannot respond to you (it will respond to the spoofed email address). This method is also called E-mail spoofing.

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