VRTX Blocked SSD Error

The other day I ran across a gentleman who was trying to install brand new SSDs into his VRTX chassis. He was getting an error telling him that the status of the SSD was in a Blocked state. In fact, after remoting into the CMC, all his SSDs were in a blocked state:


Wow, I hadn’t seen that error before. After doing some research and asking him what he was trying to accomplish it was discovered that he was trying to add the SSDs to his current virtual disk in his Shared PERC 8.

The problem was that the Virtual Disk was created using regular hard drives. You cannot mix regular hard drives and SSDs in the same Virtual Disk.

Here is a link to the Dell PDF: http://topics-cdn.dell.com/pdf/poweredge-vrtx_User’s%20Guide_en-us.pdf 
See Page 7

I also went ahead and took a screenshot of the PDF, in case Dell updates the link:



Anyway, time to order more hard drives.

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  1. Riccardo Reply

    the Blocked status are because the SSD put in VRTX are NOT Certified by DELL. (i.e. Stock Intel firmware)
    You can check this by reading LOGs in the Chassis Overview Section.

    The highlighted text in the manual refer to the Virtual Disk, NOT the Physical Disk of the first screenshot.

    The firmware of Shared PERC8 are locked and accept only HDD and SSD certified by Dell (i.e. with Dell firmware).

    The ridicolous thing: Until today there are few options of SSD for VRTX by Dell: only 3 Sata/SAS SSD models and 2 PCI-E SSD a lot expensive because enterprise drives.
    On online Dell shop there aren’t SSD option to buy only by phonecall Commercial Dept that say only a part number and a price, zero information about models and descriptions of SSD options.

    VRTX is in the market for over 1 year: Dell loose a lot of points with bad support and development on this platform, see worse performance with DUAL SPERC8.

    Best regards,


  2. CRTech Reply

    The user was trying to expand an existing Virtual Disk with the SSDs that were purchased, which is not possible. You cannot mix SSDs and regular hard disk drives in the same Virtual Disk.

    The SSDs were 3rd party. Ricardo, you are probably right about them not being supported. However, that wasn’t the point of the article.

  3. Riccardo Reply

    Mixing SSDs with HDDs in the same Virtual Disk it isn’t a good practice in every RAID systems.

    However the user can create a second Virtual Disk with only new SSDs drives (this have more sense) but it’s required Dell certified SSD drives.
    In this case you have HDDs and SSDs in the same system in two separate Virtual Disks and the user can select different RAID level for each Virtual Disks.

    Best regards,


  4. Andy Reply

    As Riccardo said the blocked state is nothing to do with mixing HDDs with SSDs since you can mix SSDs and HDDs on the same controller, just not in the same logical disk. If they were not blocked by not having the dell certified signature you could make a separate logical disk with them. The OEM SSDs can be used on a non-VRTX PERC.

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