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Start Insync On Start Up Arch Linux i3wm

What is Insync?

Insync is software that can be used to sync Google Drive on a Linux system.

Can it run when I start the computer?


Let’s get started:

First make sure the setting “Start Insync on login” is ticked in the  Preferences section.

Second, put the following script in $HOME/.config/Insync/ and call it


# Sleep the script for 30 seconds to allow the computer to boot
# Then start Insync

sleep 30 && $(insync start)


Third, make the script executable:

chmod 755

The last step is to edit your i3 config file. Mine is in the default location:


Add this line to the config file:

exec_always --no-startup-id $HOME/.config/Insync/


That’s it! Now the program will launch when i3 Window Manager is started. This works with i3 and i3-gaps.

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