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How to deploy an Azure Virtual Desktop environment using PowerShell

crtechtipsNov 2, 20233 min read

To deploy an Azure Virtual Desktop environment using PowerShell, you need to perform the following steps: Install the required PowerShell modules: Install-Module -Name Az Install-Module -Name Az.DesktopVirtualization Connect to your Azure account: Connect-AzAccount Create a resource group: $resourceGroupName = “YourResourceGroupName”…

Here’s an example of Terraform code to deploy Azure Virtual Desktop resources

crtechtipsNov 2, 20232 min read

Configure the Azure provider provider “azurerm” {features {}} Create a resource group resource “azurerm_resource_group” “rg” {name = “my-resource-group”location = “westus”} Create a virtual network resource “azurerm_virtual_network” “vnet” {name = “my-virtual-network”address_space = [“”]location = azurerm_resource_group.rg.locationresource_group_name = azurerm_resource_group.rg.name} Create a subnet resource…

Copy blobs between Storage Accounts with an Azure Function

crtechtipsOct 4, 20235 min read

Azure Function setup & trigger Firstly, we’re going to create an Azure Function using runtime of PowerShell in a Code publish method. I’m using a consumption plan type to reduce costs. I’ve selected an existing Storage Account under ‘Hosting’ when creating my…

Setting up FSLogix with Azure Virtual Desktop

crtechtipsAug 25, 202311 min read

Implementing FSLogix within your Azure Virtual Desktop environment provides an optimized experience for your end users. For example, a non-persistent Pooled Windows AVD host pool will allow the user to have a decreased sign-in time because user profiles are stored…

Getting started with the Azure Data Factory Copy Tool

crtechtipsAug 25, 20232 min read

Using the Azure Data Copy Tool Browse to the Azure Data Factory page. Click Open Azure Data Factory Studio to navigate the Azure Data Factory homepage. Click Ingest. Properties Taba. Click Build-in copy task.b. Click the Run once now radio button.c. Click the Next button. Source Taba. Select Azure Blob Storage from…