JSON Example Code for Chrome’s Managed Bookmarks

Google has created Chrome ADMX files for administering Chrome via Active Directory. One of the features you might want to add in your environment are your companies websites to the bookmark bar in Chrome. Below is how you can add your own bookmarks via a Group Policy(GPO) to the end users browsers.

You’ll want to start by creating a GPO for your Managed Bookmarks.

Navigate to User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Google Chrome

Search for “Managed Bookmarks”

Enable this setting and add your JSON code to the Options text box. Keep in mind, if you don’t create a toplevel_name, the GPO will default the folder name to “Managed bookmarks” in the Chrome browser. Additional child folders can be created as well.

Example Code:

{"toplevel_name": "Company Links"}, 
	{"name": "Folder 1", "children": 
		{"name": "Website 1", "url": "https://website1.com/"}, 
		{"name": "Website 2", "url": "https://website2.com/"}, 
		{"name": "Website 3", "url": "https://website3.com/"}, 
		{"name": "Website 4", "url": "https://website4.com/"}, 
		{"name": "Website 5", "url": "https://website5.com/"}, 
		{"name": "Website 6", "url": "https://website6.com/"}
   {"name": "Folder 2", "children": 
	   {"name": "Website 7", "url": "https://website7.com/"}, 
	   {"name": "Website 8", "url": "https://website8.com/"}, 
	   {"name": "Website 9", "url": "https://website9.com/"}, 
	   {"name": "Website 10", "url": "https://website10.com/"}, 
	   {"name": "Website 11", "url": "https://website11.com/"}, 
	   {"name": "Website 12", "url": "https://website12.com/"}


9 comments on “JSON Example Code for Chrome’s Managed Bookmarks”

  1. Paul Trimby Reply

    Very useful script. Worth noting that it can’t be directly copied into the field in the Google ADMX setting. I had to copy it into a text document, remove all the returns and then paste that. The settings field seems to not like carriage returms!!

  2. Dmitrij Reply

    Hi CRTech,
    Is there actually a script behind this to create this JSON? Can’t seem to find it in the article 🙁 Or maybe I misunderstood?
    Best regards

    • CRTech Reply

      It’s not a script per se. My example is for readability and understanding what’s happening. To use this example follow Paul Trimbly instructions by running it all together in one giant line like this:

      [{“toplevel_name”: “Company Links”}, {“name”: “Folder 1”, “children”: [{“name”: “Website 1”, “url”: “https://website1.com/”}, {“name”: “Website 6”, “url”: “https://website6.com/”}]},{“name”: “Folder 2”, “children”: [{“name”: “Website 7”, “url”: “https://website7.com/”}, {“name”: “Website 12”, “url”: “https://website12.com/”}]}]

      Then paste it into the “Managed Bookmarks” group policy.

  3. Rusmir Reply


    I tried to create two GPOs and applied it to get two folders in bookmarks. But only one applies. Anyone tried that too?


    • CRTech Reply

      My example creates one folder with sub folders in it. I have not tried multiple GPOs to create multiple top level folders.

    • Philip Reply

      Multiple GPO’s with chrome bookmarks doesn’t work. Only one Chrome Bookmarks GPO setting is allowed per user.

  4. Neven Kottnig Reply

    You cannot accomplish that via 2 (or more) GPOs, since GPOs are working in the way that (for the same setting – in this case “Managed bookmarks” for Chrome) – Last GPO WIN.

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