12G LifeCycle Controller Hangs During POST

Note: This blog post is for Dell PowerEdge 12G systems. Here is the 11G how to: http://crtech.tips/lifecycle-controller-hanging-during-post/

Sometimes a Dell PowerEdge 12G system can get caught in POST. This is caused by a LifeCycle Controller glitch. You’ll know you are caught when you see “Intializing firmware interfaces…” for 30+ minutes.


I have seen this happen when you boot into the LCC then prematurely reboot the system. The system then get’s stuck trying to boot into the LCC. I have also seen a system have an up time for over a year and on the reboot the error is present.

You can leave the machine at this screen for 30 minutes or more and it may never move.

Luckily, there are a number of fixes for this issue.

-Power down the machine and unplug power from the system, then drain the flea power by pressing in the power button.
-Replace the motherboard, but that’s a little extreme!!!
-The easiest method is to simply tell the system to “Cancel LifeCycle Controller Actions”

Here is how it’s done:

Boot to System Setup by pressing F2 during POST on the page with the Dell splash screen logo.


Enter iDrac Settings


Choose LifeCycle Controller


Note that Cancel LifeCycle Controller Actions is set to NO. This is our problem.

Change this setting to Yes


Exit saving changes and let the machine boot.

That’s it!

4 comments on “12G LifeCycle Controller Hangs During POST”

  1. Jarrod Byrum Reply

    Was trying to do this on a system and I do not even get the prompt so I can select F2.
    R720XD configured with Server 2016.
    Loaded new firmware from Dell site and it said success and reboot.
    Since then I am in this loop.
    Any help would be greated appreciated.

  2. Jarrod Byrum Reply

    Had to force flash an older bios to correct from DOS bootable USB.
    Then reapply the newer firmware.

  3. Jarrod Byrum Reply

    I cannot get an F2 to work. It immediately goes to Entering LCC….no other options.
    Last task was to run the Platform Specific Bootable ISO to update firmwares and such.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

  4. Alex Reply

    I can not get into system services! Help anyone! F10 is locked out. LCC is locked out.
    It says System Services are disabled.

    I changed the drac. Updated firmware
    It goes into
    Initializing Remote Access Controller…..
    And then after like 3 minutes it says

    iDRAC communication failure
    IDRAC6 not responding. Rebooting
    And it has been in this circle for hours

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