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Windows Server 2003 DC health check command

The following command will useful for 2003 DC health check:

1. dcdiag.exe /v /f:dcdiag_servname.txt
2. dcdiag.exe /test:dns /v /f:dcdiagdns_servername.txt
3. repadmin /showrepl > replication_servername.txt
4. repadmin /replsum /errorsonly > replicationerr_servername.txt
Health check for DCs and/or services assoicated with it.
dcdiag.exe /test:dns
Let me know DNS health status
repadmin /showrepl
This shows all my replication and if it was successful or not. Just be aware that Global Catalogs will have more infor here than a normal domain controller.
repadmin /replsum /errorsonly
This is one takes a long time but will let you know who you are having issues replication with.
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