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RAID Rebuild Rate

This is a quick guide for changing the RAID Rebuild Rate on your system. Keep in mind that changing the rebuild rate will effect the performance of your PERC and other Virtual Disks on the system. The default RAID rebuild rate is 30% and personally I would recommend leaving it there.

I would only change the rebuild rate if you want to speed up a current rebuild on the system and there is not much I/O to the virtual disks on the server.

Log into to OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) and navigate to your PERC on the left hand panel:

Click Information/Configuration > Controller Tasks drop down and click Change Controller Properties and press Execute

Here you will see the Rebuild Rate option:

I had mine on 90% to rebuild a degraded array. I am going to change it back to 30% and Apply Changes.

You can apply these changes on the fly. No reboot required.

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