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Join Windows Server 2016 Nano Server To A Domain

To join the Nano Server to my Active Directory domain I’ll use offline Domain Join utility (Djoin.exe).

To complete this you will need to run the Djoin command from a domain controller or from a member server joined to the domain.

To start the process run the command line below from the command prompt tool:

The command will create a Computer account In AD with the Name NANOSERVER05 and will create a file called NanoServer05 In the location you run the command from.

(change text marked In Bold)

djoin.exe /provision /domain TEST /machine NANOSERVER5 /savefile .\filename

After you run the command your will see the output below:

And below you will see the file the command created.

Below you will see the content of the file.

Once you have the file copy it to the Nano Server C:\ Drive using File Explorer \\nanoserver\c$

Once the file Is copied to the Nano Server open a PowerShell and connect to the Nano server using the lines below:

(Note: Change the IP address to the Nano IP address)

The line below will add the Nano Server IP address to the Trusted Host List:

Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts -Value -Concatenate

Line below will create a PowerShell session to the Nano Server:

Enter-PSSession -ComputerName -Credential Administrator

Once you logged on, Run the line below:

djoin /requestodj /loadfile c:\nanoserver05 /windowspath c:\windows /localos

Done, The Nano Server Is now Part of the DC, you can restart the Nano server log in to the domain.

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