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iDrac_Undefined Error

I came across this little beauty the other day. I launched the browser on the server and navigated to the iDrac IP address and was greeted with the “Undefined HTTP 404” error.

This was an odd error because other iDrac WebGUI(s) were working: iDrac5 and iDrac7
Note: The R910 is 11G Dell server and has iDrac6

Some things I tried to resolve the issue:

-Verified that the iDrac firmware was up to date
-Restarted the iDrac via CLI: racadm racreset /soft
Adding the site to trusted sites in Internet Explorer
-Doing some Google research, which didn’t yield much:

Error Scenario: Unknown URL parameters detected
Reason: The URL you have entered contains undefined parameters
Behavior: Page not Found (404) message is displayed

-Testing the iDrac WebGUI on a desktop was what gave me the clue to the answer. It works in FireFox and Google Chrome

Aha! So the issue is with Internet Explorer on the server.

-Reset Internet Explorer back to the factory default settings – no change

The fix:
-Making the site run in Compatibility Mode

Now, refresh your browser!

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