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[Exchange Tutorial] How to create mail enabled contact?

Contact  is ideal when you want user to communicate with non-Microsoft mail system and external SMTP addresses. It is know as recipient in older exchange environment,  now in Exchange 2003, contacts are created in Active Directory and viewed in the Global Catalog in the same manner as a mail-enabled user object. Each contact can be assigned an SMTP address in the domain where the contact resides. This allows the contact to receive internal and external mail using the same email domain as mail-enabled users.

To create exchange contact following below procedure:
1. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers
2. Locate the domain and container in which you want to create the new contact.
3. Right-click the appropriate container and use the New Contact command.
4. When the New Object – Contact dialog appears, fill in the appropriate fields, then click Next.
Figure-1 Create New Contact Wizard
5. Click the Modify button. The New E-mail Address dialog box will appear. Select the address type (for most uses it will be SMTP), then click OK.
6. When the address properties dialog appears, enter the email address you want associated with the contact, and then click Next.
Figure-2 Modify SMTP Address
7. Click Finish to create the contact.

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