Clearing System Event Log via BIOS

You may receive an error on the front panel of your Dell PowerEdge saying that the SEL is full and needs to be cleared. This issue needs to be addressed because the system may have an error in the future that will not be logged in the System Event Log. If the error is not logged, it may be difficult to track down future problems on the system.

There are multiple ways to clear the SEL. It can be done through OMSAiDrac, or from BIOS.

Clearing the System Event Log (SEL) via BIOS :

During POST, on the screen with the Dell splash screen logo, press F2 to enter the System Setup

Clearing SEL_BIOS 1

On the System Setup Main Menu press iDRAC Settings

Clearing SEL_BIOS 2

Click System Event Log

Clearing SEL_BIOS 3

Press Yes on the Clear Records line

Clearing SEL_BIOS 4

Click Finished

Clearing SEL_BIOS 5

Confirm the changes – press Yes

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