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Updating Firmware via iDrac7 WebGUI

This is a quick tutorial on how to run firmware updates through your iDrac7 Web Interface. You can run almost all your firmware update through here and even do multiple updates at a time using the Job Queue feature.

-Before beginning this guide, I would recommend that your iDrac7 be at the latest firmware.
-Download the appropriate firmware update for the component we are updating.

NOTE: The firmware update file you should download is the Windows 32 or 64 bit .exe
-It doesn’t matter what operating system you are running: Windows Server, VMware, Linux, etc
-A bare-metal update is used that will run via LifeCycle Controller when the system reboots

 Go ahead and log into the iDrac7 WebGUI interface. Click iDRAC Settings > Update and Rollback in the left pane. When the Firmware Update page opens, click Choose File

Navigate to your update and select it.

Check the box next to the firmware update under Update Details. Press Install and Reboot to install the firmware update and reboot the system.

This will cause a Graceful reboot and begin installing the updates via LifeCycle Controller.

Note the 1 of 1 on the Tasks line. You can put multiple firmware updates in the Job Queue in the iDrac7.

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