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Straight-Through vs Crossover Cables

Ever wonder how to remember when to use a straight-through cable vs a crossover cable for an exam or for future job interviews? Or maybe you want to use the correct cables in your data center, lab, or home work.

You never know when auto-sensing ports may not work or you may run across legacy hardware that does not support it. You will need a way to remember what cables go to what device.

It’s also best networking practice to follow the rules and use the correct cable type and here is how:

Chart Key:
S = Straight-Through cables
C = Crossover cables

That’s it!

Ok, let’s go a little deeper into the chart. Why is it so easy to remember?

Look at the ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis. Did you notice the pattern?

They are all in alphabetical order, across and down! Easy, right?

Straight-Through Cable connects to these devices:
Host to Switch or Hub
Router to Switch or Hub

Crossover Cable connects to these devices:
Switch to Switch
Hub to Hub
Host to Host
Hub to Switch
Router to Host
Router to Router

Here are some typical uses for cross-over and straight-through cables:

Crossover cable

Straight-through cable

Note: Ports that auto-sense have Auto MDI-X technology

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