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Shutdown Windows PC faster

Does your Windows computer take way to long to shutdown?  If so, I have a simple fix that will allow you to shutdown your Windows OS computer in a matter of seconds.

Click the Start button and then click “Run”, type “regedit” to open the registry editor and click the “OK” button.


Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control. In the left pane, make sure you left click on the “Control” key.  In the right pane, you will see the “WaitToKillServiceTimeout” key.  This key tells Vista how long to wait after telling all services to end.  The default value that you will see for the key is 20000 (20 seconds).  Double click on the “WaitToKillServiceTimeout” key.

You can now edit the value of the key.

PRO TIP: From all of the information I have read and researched, the lowest that you can set this key is between  3000 (3 seconds) to 5000 (5 seconds).  DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING LOWER THAN 3000!!! If you set a value lower than 3000, you run the risk of your services not shutting down correctly and (worst case scenario) you could damage your operating system and loose your data.

When you have set the value to your liking, click the “OK” button.

You must restart your computer in order for the changes to take effect.



Thanks for reading!


-Microsoft Geek

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