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Installing iDrac Certificate + Key

Recently, I ran across a gentleman who was having some difficulty installing a SSL certificate to his iDrac6 and iDrac7 systems. The GUI upload for some reason was not working and he didn’t really care because he had to install the certificate and key on dozens of Dell PowerEdge Servers.

The best way to go about this is to use a jump box that has access to the network. Hopefully, all you servers are in the same datacenter or you have network access to them all.


Update your iDrac firmware to the latest version. I cannot stress this enough. This command may not work on some of the older firmware versions because switch commands may not be valid.


Once the servers iDrac firmware is updated we need to run the following command in a command prompt window with administrative privileges:

racadm -r -u root -p calvin sslkeyupload -t 1 -f D:\idrac_cert\wild_cert.key
Press Enter

racadm -r -u root -p calvin sslcertupload -t 1 -f D:\idrac_cert\wild_cert.cer
Press Enter

If done correctly the machine will reboot the iDrac.

The command uses the sslkeyupload and sslcertupload commands. Also take note of the ending .key vs .cer.

The switch information can be found in the CLI iDrac guides posted on Dell’s website, if you have questions as to what they mean.

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