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File Screening via de commandline

Filescreening is a method used to control what files can be placed in a directory. You might want to prevent storage of MP3 files or executables.

I wil use an example to explain how to create filescreen rules by using the commandline.


I have created the folder E:\Users to store the users’ homeshares, but I want to prevent them to store .pst files. Therefor I execute the following steps.

1. Create a File Group

I define a filegroup called PST that contains the .pst files.

FileScrn filegroup add /filegroup:PST /Nonmembers:”*.pst”

In the management console File Server Resource Manager it looks like this:

2. Create a File Screen Template

The File Screen Template is created so the same settings can be used on multiple folders.

FileScrn template add /template:”BlockPst” /Type:Active /add-filegroup:Pst

This command creates the template BlockPst.

3. Create the File Screen

All we have to do now is create the actual File Screen using the following command:

FileScrn screen add /path:E:\Users /SourceTemplate:BlockPst

TIP: You can even add File Screens on a remote computer using the option /Remote:MACHINE

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