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Creating A Custom REPO ISO For Individual Service Tag

This How To will guide you through creating a repository ISO for your Dell PowerEdge system. The ISO will update ALL the firmware in your system – if made properly.

The ISO will need to be burned to a bootable DVD, USB key, or mounted via iDrac with an Enterprise license.


Download and install the Dell Repository Manager from Dell

Launch (Data Center Version) Dell Repository Manager application

Make sure Dell Repository Manager is up to date by pressing the Update button

Once the program is updated the Dell Catalog will need to be updated

Click Source > Sync Database with Dell Online Catalog

How to build the Repository ISO

Click Search Dell Support Site on the My Repository tab

Put your Dell Service Tag in the Service Tag box and press Search


Check the Linux (32-bit & 64-bit) box

Uncheck the LifeCycle Controller v1.4.2 and ESM Firmware 1.66.65. There is a firmware update that combines these two updates into one that is a later version called “iDrac with LifeCycle Controller” that needs to be checked.

NOTE: This is for 12G systems

Click the Export button

Tick the Export updates to a new repository and press OK

Name your repository and press OK

Click Job Queue at the bottom to see the progress of your repository firmware downloading

Once it completes, click the My Repositories tab. Check the box of your ISO then press Open

Tick the box next to your bundle and press Export

Press Bootable ISO (Using Linux Bundle) and then click Next

Wait for the plug-in to load and click Next

NOTE: If it can’t find the plug, press Next. It will install the appropriate plug-in

Accept the default settings on the next page and press Next

Click Finished on the next summary page

Choose where you would like to save your ISO

Click the Job Queue to view the progress of your ISO creation

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